Methods and Deliverables



I hold a master's degree in Applied Qualitative Research from the University of Copenhagen, in Copenhagen, Denmark. During my studies, I was trained to use hands-on, in-person, ethnographic research methods for applied (non-academic) purposes. Since 2011 I have used this training to conduct user research for companies like Squarespace, the National Football League, and Edmunds, to help them improve their products and services. I have also conducted research and written reports for a diverse array of private clients including a former member of the United States Congress.

Here are some examples of how I've used my skills and experience to demonstrate the value of qualitative research:

  • used qualitative-research insights to bridge the gap between customer service, design, and engineering teams at a successful website-building platform
  • demonstrated the value of in-person usability testing for an internal utility project at a major sports-media company
  • used diary study and contextual inquiry to confirm product/market fit for a service for mothers with nursing infants

    Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you'd like to hear more about my design research on these cases and others. 

Here is a sampling of the methods I use, and the deliverables I offer:

Qualitative research methods: interviews, ethnography, contextual inquiry, participant observation, diary studies, heuristic analysis, remote research, usability testing, remote usability testing, card sorting, journey mapping
Quantitative research methods: surveys, statistical analysis, SPSS (learning in progress)
Content strategy: content audit, inventory, gap analysis, style guide, user personas, content models/templates