Prototype Home Screen (Balsamiq)

Prototype Home Screen (Balsamiq)

Star Sync: An App for Trekkies

I partnered with a classmate in General Assembly's User Experience Design Immersive course to create a prototype of an application to complement his favorite TV show: Star Trek

Timeline: 4 Days

I conducted three semi-structured interviews with my client, wherein we discussed his trajectory as a Star Trek fan ("We're called Trekkies," he insisted), which Star Trek series was his favorite, what initially drew him to the show, and how his appreciation of the program developed over time.

My client told me that the sci-fi weapons, technology, and action drew him in as a child, but the universal humanist elements are what bring him back for multiple viewings as an adult. 

I explored several possibilities for a Star Trek app, going through three iteration cycles with feedback from my client.

A trivia app seemed too, well, trivial, and an app that provided anthropological analysis of the alien tribes (my suggestion) didn't hit the right note for my Trekkie.

Based on my client's feedback, I developed an app that would aggregate information from the various Star Trek wikis around the web. The app would use voice-recognition software to read which episode was playing, and would automatically populate with wiki information about that episode.

My client told me that he likes to pause and read about episodes as he watches, so having the auto-read and auto-populate function would save him the trouble of having to leave the room to look up the episode on his computer. 

Client Interview Notes & Preliminary Sketches


Task Flow

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