Methods and Deliverables



I hold a master's degree in Applied Qualitative Research from the University of Copenhagen, in Copenhagen Denmark. During my studies, I was trained to use hands-on, in-person, ethnographic research methods for "applied" (non-academic) purposes. Since 2011 I have used this training and human-centered mindset to strategize and develop products for clients.

Here are some examples of how I've used my skills and experience to demonstrate the value of design research:

  • used insights gained through qualitative research to bridge the gap between customer service and product development at an already-successful website building platform
  • demonstrated the value of in-person usability testing for a "simple, internal utility project" at a major sports company
  • used diary study and contextual inquiry to confirm product/market fit for a service based on a sensitive personal issue

    Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you'd like to hear more about my design research on these cases and others. 

Here is a sampling of the methods I use and the deliverables I offer:

Qualitative research methods: interviews, ethnography, contextual inquiry, participant observation, diary studies, heuristic analysis, remote research, usability testing, remote usability testing, card sorting, journey mapping
Quantitative research methods: surveys, statistical analysis, SPSS (learning in progress)
Content strategy: content audit, inventory, gap analysis, style guide, user personas, content models/templates