is a resource for parents in search of compassionate care and sound advice during the first twelve months of their child's life. Mahmee's team of nurses, doctors, lactation consultants, nutritionists, and therapists are available 24-7 to offer support and counseling for parents when they need it - even after their pediatrician's office has closed. Mahmee also offers in-home visits through its parent company, My Nursing Coach, which is the leading lactation consultant company in Southern California. grew out of My Nursing Coach when the company founders realized that they could marshal the power of technology to serve current customers better, and help a larger number parents in need of assistance during that crucial first year. 

Role: Research Lead and Design Strategist

Team: Allison Acoba (Designer), Bianca Blyfield (Designer)

Timeline: Three weeks

Methods: Open-ended questionnaire, remote usability testing (via, task analysis

Preliminary discovery (pain points):

  • Target users didn't know what the site was for (is it a knowledge base? a blog?), or if it was for them (is it just for breastfeeding moms?) or what the features of the heavily-advertised Gold Membership were.
  • Features that led to this confusion were: misleading navigation titles, construction of the homepage, vital company information hidden on the Team page

Review of Mahmee's Business Goals, Following Preliminary Discovery:

  • Define Mahmee for new users and for clients of My Nursing Coach
  • Clearly show benefits of Gold membership
  • Convey the company’s reliability and warmth through copy, content, and design

Discovery: Interviews

Two questionnaires:

Potential users were given a questionnaire with open-ended questions regarding their ob/gyn care team, and their experience of pregnancy, birth, and post-partum. They were also asked to complete a task on in order to evaluate the readability and shareability of articles.

Current users of services were asked to describe how they discovered My Nursing Coach, how they use Mahmee, and their understanding of the relationship between the two companies

New Needs Discovered:

  • Customized care plans
  • Non-judgemental support & interaction with adults
  • Guidance from professionals with clinical experience

Strategy for Redesign:

  • Help new users understand: What is Mahmee? Who are they? What do they do? Who uses this site? How can they help me?
  • Help current users understand: How is Mahmee related to My Nursing Coach? What unique value does Mahmee offer?

Elements of the Redesign:

  • Reconfiguration of navigation schema, homepage, "Motherboard" (dashboard), Gold Membership description card, onboarding process, team page, library page, library category page, individual article page
  • Addition of pages: Mahmee News (press & news), Mahmee Stories (testimonials), About page
  • New content and updated content strategy - Old homepage - Old homepage - New homepage - New homepage

"Breastfeeding" articles category page - New (left) and Old (right)

"Breastfeeding" articles category page - New (left) and Old (right)