Client: American sports league; individual digital-editorial divisions for all 32 teams in the league, international media division, league digital media division

Goal: Design a backend utility for uploading content to three discrete front-end systems.


  • Direction and goals of CMS project have changed multiple times in the past four years due to executive turnover. User-stakeholders have whiplash, and they have diminished faith that the project will continue to move forward with their needs as the focus. It is necessary to approach user-stakeholders with extreme care and sensitivity when asking these user-stakeholders to participate in research and testing initiatives, especially with an Agile cadence.
  • The custom CMS needs to accommodate three separate page builders, each with unique features and functionality.
  • The users of this CMS are also stakeholders in the project; each "set" of users has different needs, desires, and stakes in the project
  • One "set" of users comprises 32 sports teams, each in a different state and region, each with a different strategy for digital content and editorial teams, each with a different budget and management style. All of these "team personalities" must be brought under a single CMS.

Role: Research Lead and Design Strategist

Timeline: Six months

Methods: In-person interviews, remote interviews, onsite in-lab usability testing, remote usability testing (via Webex), tree testing, taxonomy testing, task analysis, journey mapping, content analysis

Project ongoing; please reach out to me directly to discuss my work on this project in more detail.